Hopefully you already know that your Local Discount Card entitles you to incredible discounts at some of the
best businesses in town.  In addition, we are constantly adding new businesses, and our current businesses may change their offers or add new ones.  That's why we have given you two ways to "Stay in the Loop"!
  • Sign up for our general site-wide mailing list - Just enter your email address in the form at the top of any page on our website.  We will keep you updated on new businesses and discounts periodically. 
  • Subscribe to Updates from Individual Businesses - You can subscribe for updates from a particular business by creating an account on our website.  After you have created an account, simply login and you are ready to subscribe to updates from businesses on our website.

    To subscribe to updates, simply browse to their "Business Showcase" by clicking on their logo from one of our search pages.  In the upper right part of the page, look for the button below and simply click on it to subscribe to that businesses updates.

    When you login, you can also manage your subscriptions and update your account information.