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 Post cards marketing can have a wide reach.

Unlike newspapers,yellow pages or radio, everyone will see your advertisement. Because everyone we mail to, will go to their mail box to get their mail. We will mail to 10,000 homes and businesses.

Since there are 3 or more in the home this mean that 30,000 people will see your ad.

With you're Post Card you can direct consumers to you're website , sales letter , a sales recording ,video or you're business coupon site that you will get from us.


Coupons have always been popular with consumers. Large business always have used coupons to attract more business. Now you can too!

On our discount website you will get your own business show case. Upload your business information, graphics, pictures, video's as well as a link to your website if you have one.

Create up to 3 coupons to attract consumers, Add..,Change or delete 24/7. We will drive consumers to the Discount website via Large Post Card and the Hawaii Savers Cards

And when consumers find the discount website they will find you.

 There are over 2 Billion users on Facebook. And 284 million people use Tweeter every month. 
Many of your local neighbors are on Facebook and Tweeter

Capture your market share with Social Media!

Create new customers with engaging and shareable social media content. Now includes a Banner Ad feature!

Reputation Monitor
Protect your online reputation by monitoring and responding to customer feedback.

* Social Contests
Amplify your social marketing with powerful sweepstakes and email list building.

* Social deals
Increase new and returning customers with social deals that also builds email lists.

* Social Analytics
Comprehensive analytic reports across all social channels, deals, and sweepstakes.

* Advanced Scheduling
Save time by scheduling posts in advance with an  easy- to- use calendar.



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